EdFringe 2018: Saturday

After no sleep at all, I got up at 9ish for Shakespeare For Breakfast – croissant, orange juice, jam leftover from breakfast at the airport and The Taming of the Shrew set in a shoe shop in Dagenham. I did a little bit of shopping on the way home & went back to my room for an hour.

I’d decided on Friday that, give or take what was already in my plan, I’d go to whatever I got flyered for. I soon realised that wasn’t going to work when I didn’t actually want to see half of them and the other half overlapped. But I went to see Lou Sanders and then I came back & went to sleep for most of the afternoon.

In the evening I went to see Nick Doody – maybe twenty of us, in a nightclub two doors away because have I really been to Edinburgh if I don’t go to see him? – and then back to the Pleasance for Jayde Adams, who I missed last year, and then for my first visit to the Pleasance Dome (it’s like the Courtyard in that it’s another complex of small rooms rather than the one gigantic theatre I’d imagined) to see TapeFacebook Live – I managed to miss him last year too.

I hadn’t really meant to go to another late night show but with so much noise back home I’d be awake either way – might as well go and see the madness (it was a live Facebook video featuring a mime, a dancing hippo, much audience participation and a man doing something gruesome with a drill over Skype, which I refused to watch).

And when I got back at quarter to one, the music was even louder than I remembered from last night and people were dancing on tables and I didn’t sleep again.

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