Iceland 2017: Sept 30

I slept in thermals last night. I don’t know why it took until the last night in the van for me to think of that. Not only was I toasty for the first time this week but I also started to take layers off – I even took off my hat!

In the morning I got up, packed the van, put all my stuff away in my big bag, emptied all the rubbish out of the van and then wandered the campsite in the hope of catching Morris again so I could take a photo of him. No luck. So off I went, past the smiley-face traffic lights, past the local pool (I knew it existed!!) and up to Hveragerdi where I popped into the N1 petrol station for breakfast of apple juice and star crisps. It’s clearly a popular place to be. I accidentally bought half a loaf of out of date bread.

On the Ring Road, I stopped right up at the top of the Blue Mountains by the geothermal power station, did not get lost in Kopavogur, did get lost in Hafnarfjordur, made a quick trip into the Cintamani outlet (I love Cintamani but it’s so expensive!) and then into Ikea – I went in with a plan, I knew what I was after, I knew roughly where it was and I was in and out in under fifteen minutes, despite struggling with the payment machine at the end. I am now the owner of two European-plug 3-USB chargers. I dropped the van off precisely on time, got dropped off at the bus stop round the corner (so close it really wasn’t worth the van company getting out a car to drop me off) and hopped off the bus at Landspitalinn. On my walk up to the hostel, I met some people with a map and a bus number who wanted my help to get to a hospital I didn’t know existed. The best I could manage was to figure out which way the map was supposed to go and pointed out that they needed the bus stop on the other side of the road and then I shambled up to my own front door. Fortunately, despite it only being about 12.30, my room was ready so I dropped off my luggage, got my phone charge – although only at a precise angle and went to enjoy Reykjavik in the sun.

Sun! I’d gone to Iceland a week early! I had a much-needed lunch of hamburgerbraud and cheese and tropical juice by the pond, ran away from a wasp, came home to warm up, read, had a nap and then went out later just to wander and restock my food supplies. As I walked back, I noticed minibuses picking up for Northern Lights tours. The sky was a bit cloudy. I looked at my watch. Twenty-four hours ago I’d been standing outside at Akranes watching the Lights fade away and tonight they hadn’t even gone out.

I returned to my warm bed, with a ceiling and a real bathroom and was very glad I was out of the campervan.

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