Iceland summer 2014: Keflavik

I got to Heathrow with no major problems, only traffic just a little faster than a standstill on the M25. Got to the car park and wasn’t expecting to have to hand over my car keys. I’d much rather look after my own keys and make sure they’re with me no matter how many times I move my tent around the west of Iceland than hand them over to a total stranger on an industrial estate in west London but apparently that’s how it works.

Flight was uneventful. My plane was called Öræfajökull, which is the highest mountain in Iceland. You can tell tourism in Iceland is growing because there were new airlines at Keflavik – Lufthansa and Atlantic Airlines and easyJet. When I first came here it was prety much Icelandair and nothing else. Flights were going until 2am so the shops were still open when I arrived at nearly midnight so I finally have the book on thermal pools.

I got my huge heavy bag on my back – apparently lighter than last year but still painful, even if you’re only carrying it a couple of hundred yards to the hotel (see photo to see how close the airport is to my window).
Of course, being so close, it’s really noisy. Really really noisy but I slept. Then I had a much-needed breakfast of cereal and four slices of perfect toast and now I have to pack up and go and collect my car. First stop: Hveragerdi for some food. Second stop: Laugarvatn Fontana spa!

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