Norway 2011: Trondheim 2

I am cross because I just spent the best part of an hour writing this and it decided to sign me out. I am not rewriting it properly. You don’t get any of the detail that was in the original.

I kicked the low ceiling at least four times last night, as expected. It hurt.

I had a nice breakfast of bread rolls, as much apple juice as I could drink and a little chocolate cake while I read a Norwegian newspaper called the Aftposten. I couldn’t read much but I could at least see what was in the news – the price of the dress Kate wore to meet the Obamas is apparently relevant to Norway’s interests. Also available was meat, both hot and cold, cheese, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, cereal, orange juice, milk, tea, coffee, lots of jam, white eggs and lots and lots of various types of bread. This is somewhere where I will definitely be returning for breakfast.

After breakfast I went down to the harbour, looked at the boats and the station, then went along to the docks where there was a big shiny red and white ferry. I went to the seafront where I could see the fjord and Munkholmen, tomorrow’s trip, hopefully. I came back into town via several bridges, lots of flats and a shopping centre. I found shops where you can buy canoes, hiking boots of all shapes, gas barbecues, Moomin plates, decorative coat hooks, rubber ducks, books in English, comic books and swords. I resisted the temptation to buy Roald Dahl in Norwegian but may have bought ducks. I passed the Radisson Blu Garden Hotel, which is built in the style of the wooden warehouses it apparently replaced. Every other one is a big glass greenhouse and presumably all the rooms overlook these gardens, rather than the outside world.

I came back to the hotel to shelter from the drizzle and to eat some bread and cheese and then I went to the cathedral. It’s very nice and has quite an intimidating front and a little man lurking in the doorway in his lovely red robes and his trainers very visible underneath.

From there, I crossed a bridge and wandered by the river, watched the swallows do acrobatics above the water, found a little secret shingle beach, crossed the Old Town Bridge and took the obligatory photos of the colourful old warehouses. It was very pleasant. It was still grey but the rain had mostly stopped and it was beginning to brighten up and it was nice to wander along the river, looking at the cathedral on the other side, the various birds, the trees etc. Then I walked back to the cathedral along the north bank of the river, past the Pilgrim Centre and back to the hotel via the cathedral, the theatre and the shopping centre that is apparently behind and below the hotel as well as next to it.

Tomorrow’s plans are to visit Munkholmen, which is an island out in the fjord which has been used as an execution site, a monastery, a prison, a fortress and a customs house. Trondheim is very nice but it’s also tiny and I’ve seen pretty much everything. Kristiansten Fortress, which is the Sight, doesn’t open until next week but I can see the outside of it from my window. I also may well buy a Moomin bowl to go with my mug. There doesn’t appear to be very much in the way of either Vikings or trolls here.

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