Finland 2008: Day 6 – Seuresaari

I got up this morning, walked to the station, for several reasons and was extremely hot by the time I got there. I left all my stuff in a locker and good thing I did because I´ve gathered a lot of stuff by now.

I did the shopping thing and then I got my bus to Seurasaari, which I´m probably spelling wrong and I have no idea how to pronounce where I got menaced for a piece of chocolate by a squirrel and generally pursued by some very very tame birds.

It was lovely there and I´m very glad I went. It would have been a pity to have missed it because it was just really nice. It was a little wooded island joined to the mainland by a bridge and there was nothing there except old wooden buildings. I think it´s sort of an open-air old-timey museum in the summer but in the winter it´s just deserted except for too-tame wildlife.

I came back into the city centre, got the tram down Aleksanterinkatu, which is one of the main streets here and saw the cathedrals which are both very impressive. Then, having travelled up and down the street in both directions, I eventually found the information centre, which wasn´t nearly as good as I´d hoped but did have a leaflet on Seuresaari for destruction for my book.

I also had a heart attack in the middle of the road when my wallet wasn´t in my left inner coat pocket where it´s been for the last five days. Luckily, I´d put it in my bag, who knows why. It had my locker key in it, that means absolutely everything I´d brought is locked away. It is now hanging around my neck, guarded by a dragon.

It feels a bit early to be going to the airport but it´s pretty dark already, at 3.42 and it´s getting wet as well.

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