Finland 2008: Day 2 – Suomenlinna

I started the day by wandering around Helsinki, having got off the tram after two stops. I hadn´t really realised just how much Helsinki is by the sea and everywhere I turned, I seemed to run into more water. I found the Subway I´d spotted from the bus last night and although I recognised a lot of places on the way to the station, I couldn´t find the station itself so I got on another tram, this time with a ticket.

I had decided to go to Suomenlinna and managed to find a map that showed me how to walk there. I missed the boat because I was trying to figure out the ticket machine but that gave me time to eat my bread, from the market hall by the sea, and get a seat on the next boat.

I really liked Suomenlinna. It´s a sea fortress built on several islands which are all connected by bridges and it seemed I had picked a good day to wander around. It has some amazing views and there are so many little islands and bits of rock sticking out of the water.

It did concern me a bit how soon the sun was setting – it was definitely beginning to get low by about 1.30.

On the way back, I was brave and stayed outside on the boat to take some photos. I went back to the hostel via the bookshop and I was amazed how many books there were in English, and in German.

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