Switzerland 05-06: Neuchatel in the snow

Last Thursday we went to Peedee’s at about 7, and when we came out to take Carole to the bus at about 11.30ish, it had been snowing and it waas so cold! By morning, we had about ten inches of snow and it hasn’t gone away properly. Then this morning, I woke up to find it had been snowing all over again. We went to lessons and it was snowing. We came out of lessons and it was snowing. I took some washing downstairs, put it in the machine and went back to my room. Half an hour later, I brought it back upstairs. There was a blizzard. I went to town shopping. I got back and I could see the other side of the lake for the first time in days. Now it’s dark but it seems to have stopped snowing for now. Ok, no it hasn’t.

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