Switzerland 05-06: Lausanne

This time we took Jemma with us. We started pretty early, got another shiny white train and off we went to Lausanne. The first problem we had was working out how to get out of the station – we went the wrong way at first. The station is right in the middle of the city – the shops were the other side of the road, up a hill. A steep hill. I went in a knife shop. There were knives all over the walls, all kinds of Swiss Army Knives, hunting knives, swords, clocks, cow-patterned cups etc. I looked at the knives and tried to decide which one I wanted. Then we went on up the hill. We stopped in all the funny little shops and Peedee bought incense sticks and looked at Buddhas and dragons. We spent a while just shopping, then we spotted a restaurant at the top of the hill, a sort of all-you-can eat place where you just pile your tray with whatever you feel like. Jemma and Peedee both got too much and couldn’t eat it all. Then we walked over to the cathedral. I got some very good photos in there. There were tombs all along the walls and floor at the back and I nearly fell over one of them and when I looked at it, a lot of people had obviously walked over it.

When we had finished there, we walked back to town and got on a bus in search of Media Markt. I had only a few clues as to its location. “It’s near the freeway, I think around here.” (pointing at top right part of map). So I made a wild guess and we got on a bus – going the wrong way. Luckily it was only going two or three more stops, then it went in a circle and went the right way. Obviously it was completely the wrong bus, but we did get to see some parts of Lausanne we wouldn’t have done otherwise.
We were back by 6ish to watch England v Argentina in one of the pubs. We met two other anglophones there, Sam from Leeds who sounded completely foreign, and Katie from Canada. They’re both working as au pairs around Lausanne. The waitress was American and when I spotted salt and vinegar crisps, she was so pleased to be able to make my evening that she gave them to me. Katie scored a point for Canada on the board by funneling a beer.
I’ve never really been interested in football, but it was very entertaining, especially when the players fell over – they do it so dramatically! And eventually we won, although it took a long time. Afterwards, we had to leave, Peedee had drunk too much. We went up the hill again and along the road, then decided to jump on a bus. When it reached the end of the line, the driver was confused and dumped us out, so I poied by the road for twenty minutes and Peedee put flowers in everyone’s hair and we got the next bus back. We got dropped off in the same place again so we walked down the road towards the station and soon encountered a very bright green light. It was a bit scary, it looked like a man crouching by the road holding a very powerful torch. When we got closer…

We looked for somewhere for another drink and came across an arcade instead. Peedee was over the moon to find basketball and she played. Then Jemma challenged her. Peedee accepted… in her words from her blog.. “Just looking at her and her girlie style I thought, oh yeah right princess..” and Jemma won.

They played several games and first one would win, then the other. We played a few games of air hockey too. It’s meant to be for four players, but it works very well for two players two handed. Then Peedee went on the shooting games and I tried driving. It’s hard – I still can’t drive video cars but I was beginning to get the hang of it. The gears feel really different from a real car, but I’m not driving any automatic, even if it’s not real! When we’d all run out of tokens, we went back to the station and came home. Jemma went to bed and me and Peedee played computers for a while before we went to sleep too.

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